Exhibition “The Door Project” by Ronda Stone

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Ronda Stone has been with Artworks for two years and has been a contemporary photographer since 1990. She has shown her pieces in over thirty exhibitions from California to New York. She is currently working on a new body of work called The Inner Landscape. The current exhibition, The Door Project, is one limb of The Inner Landscape.

The Journey:

Ronda drove back from Saratoga, Wyoming with a beautiful antique screen door as a traveling companion. A companion that quickly became the seed for an idea; a solo photography show featuring people interacting with the door in some way. It was a fine idea but it came with the challenge and burden of having the large and somewhat cumbersome door in every frame.

The body of work is an endeavor to capture the soul of a person or a found organic object. Souls are not perfect. The door then becomes the ideal metaphor for our flaws – with its bits that are broken and the fragile parts that have been cobbled back together. The exhibit is not meant to be comforting but rather seeks to trigger an impactful reaction from the viewer.

The Exhibition:

We typically think of a door as being a way out, a portal, something that you pass through or something that brings you back; a path to freedom. For Ronda, the very idea of the door was a bit of a contradiction to this central theme. The self-imposed test of using the door in every shot put limitations on her as an artist. The idea for the project was an intentional challenge that,  in the end, freed her from the belief that she would be hemmed in by the very thing that is supposed to set you free.

The show begins in the entryway of the gallery with close-ups of the door and then feeds you into the gallery where thirteen novices interacted with the door under the gentle direction of the artist. The result is a black and white montage of introspection and layers of emotion. Here is a video of conversations between the artist and models.

The exhibition closes Friday, July 29.

Duane Michals said it well: ‘I just photograph my own truth, but it all comes from the inside. Until you find your own truth, you have nothing.’ I know my own truth, and as Carl Jung says, ‘People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their soul’.” Ronda Stone
Event: Artist Talk & Reception

Join Ronda Stone at Artworks on June 22nd from 5 – 6:30 pm for an in-depth look at her photography. The artist will be discussing her inspiration, process, and trends in contemporary photography. This event is free and open to the public.

Exhibition “The Door Project” by Ronda Stone

“Metaphor: Meditations on The Inner Reaches of Outer Space”

Opening March 11 in the North Gallery, Metaphor: Meditations on The Inner Reaches of Outer Space features the work by Artworks artists Jen Davey and Jennie Kiessling. Be sure to join us from 7:00 – 8:30 pm on March 30 for an Artist Talk  in which Jennifer Davey and Jennie Kiessling will discuss Joseph Campbell’s book The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion which has influenced the work in their exhibition. Topics during the talk will include: Defining metaphor, its role in contemporary art, and looking at particular commentaries of Campbell’s that can inform how artists approach their life and work. A copy of Campbell’s The Way of Art will be made available to audience members so they may read it before the discussions if they wish.


Artist’s Statement by Jen Davey
The body of work and collection of letters for this exhibition Metaphor: A Meditation on the Inner Reaches of Outer Space springs from our decision to use Joseph Campbell’s book The Inner Reaches of Outer Space. Our choice to write letters to each other about the book was to be the gem of this process. It has lead to many insights and has brought us to the shore of a new understanding yet to be explored. What started as a tightly focused exhibition, now feels like the beginning of clarifying a life’s work that explores ancestral history, the numinous, myth, memory, meditation, mind, and stillness in relationship to the 21st century. A yin and yang kinship was discovered that connected our work. Jennie explores the outer world and how our bodies relate in space, while I explore the inner landscape of the spirit. We both use contemplation as a central force in our work and find the ability to hold a place of centeredness in chaotic times; a powerful and essential force for transformation.  


“Metaphor: Meditations on The Inner Reaches of Outer Space”


Neighborhoods flyer
Participating schools (number of students participating):
Lucile Erwin Middle School (23)
Bill Reed Middle School (10)
Turner Middle School (8)
Conrad Ball Middle School (7)
Walt Clark Middle School (7)
Estimated number of images in the Neighborhoods exhibit: 70
Physical Description:
Images are all black and white fiber images printed to 9.5×13.5″ and custom matted and framed to 16×20. All materials are acid free, archival, with museum grade black matte metal frames. All images were created and printed in the Artworks darkroom of artist Bob Campagna. (on average each student printed an additional 10 images which will be utilized in their own school displays and made available for the photo book “Neighborhoods” which will be designed and published by Bob Campagna)
Project Description: Student photographers designed their own regional photographic journeys. The total of diverse journeys combines for the exhibit, with geographic locations to include:
Turner Middle School: Berthoud, Lyons, Pinewood Springs, Estes Park, Mead, Johnstown
Conrad Ball Middle School: Walking tour west on 29th street, Benson Sculpture Garden, around Lake Loveland, East on Eisenhower, north on Monroe (about 9.5 mile walking tour)
Bill Reed Middle School: Walking tour in the historic district on west Fourth and west Fifth streets, downtown Loveland
Lucile Erwin Middle School (group one): Colorado State University campus, Old Town Ft. Collins, Masonville, Horsetooth Reservoir, Rock Ridge Ranch, Bobcat Ridge
Lucile Erwin Middle School (group two): Centerra Chapungu Sculpture Garden, Cozy Cow Dairy, Windsor, Timnath, Swetsville Zoo
Walt Clark Middle School: to be determined, photo tour happens in March
Project Funding and Support:
The Thompson School District Gifted and Talented Program provides funding for 35 student participants. Donations from Novo Restoration, NOCO Gifted Community, Thompson Educational Association enabled the additional students to participate in this workshop. Also, Artworks is providing exhibit space.
Project History:
Since fall, 2000 Bob Campagna has taught an annual black and white photography workshop through the Gifted and Talented program in the Thompson School District. This exhibit marks the 15th such workshop. He commuted from his home state of Iowa to administer exhibits through 2006, and moved to Loveland in 2007 upon marrying his wife Susan, who is a Thompson School District employee.
Exhibit Dates: Installation is April 4, exhibit opening is April 12 (5:30-7:30pm), and exhibit takedown is April 29. Prints will be for sale, priced by students. Artworks will take a 30% sales commission of images sold while on display at Artworks.

“The Door Project”

Ronda Stone studio 101
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“The Door Project”

This is an image from one of Artwork Loveland’s artists Ronda Stone’s body of work called “The Inner Landscape”.  Ronda is currently working on a project for her June/July exhibit at Artworks Loveland that will be displayed in the South Gallery.  This project connects to Ronda’s general body of work in meaning, but Ronda has added an old door to every photograph she takes.

Ronda discovered the door at a friend’s house in Saratoga, WY.  Ronda thought it would offer a challenge to photograph the door in many creative ways and then create an exhibit.  Be sure and look for Ronda’s exhibit that will be displayed in June/July of this year at Artworks Loveland.

Ronda Stone is a mixed media photographer.  You can view more of her work at http://www.rondastonephotography.com






“The Door Project”

Congratulations to working women Veronica Patterson and Tedi Jensen

Artworks artists Veronica Patterson and Tedi Jensen are two of the prize winners of the Working Women exhibition.  Jensen’s acrylic on canvas painting, Olas, received an Honorable Mention while poet Veronica Patterson was the recipient of the Best of Show award for her poem Cotton Dust.


Tedi Jensen
Tedi Jensen, “Olas”, Acrylic Painting

“The working woman. Who is she? She is dynamic. She is energy. She is exhausted. Working to deliver a good product; to impress her clients; to prove to herself that she can do it all.

The counterbalance. What happens when she leaves that pressure behind for a few precious days? To sit quietly? La inspiración.

Abstract representations inspired by la olas hermosa en la playa. Sparse clouds. Expanse of blue. That sound. Cancels everything. Loud and beautiful, soothing and calm, turbulent and strong.”

-Tedi Jensen


Veronica Patterson, “Cotton Dust”, Poem

Regarding the inspiration behind her poem, Patterson wrote: “Cotton Dust was written after hearing an astonishing piece of music, “The Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues,” by Frederic Rzewski. I am drawn to the stories of women’s difficult work and working conditions at the beginning of the 20th century, and to the tragic history and ongoing resonance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, March 25, 1911, in New York City.”


Swing by Artworks Loveland before April 1st to view these works as well as the work of Anne BossertSylvia EichmannSally ElliottKendra FleischmanGail FraiserLaura GrossettJennifer Ivanovic,  Jilly Mandeson, Christine Martell, Lynsey Mattingly,  Abbie R PowersSheron Buchele RowlandHeather Fortin RubaldRonda StoneAnna Ursyn, and Laura Wingate.

Congratulations to working women Veronica Patterson and Tedi Jensen

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Honey Wagon Confidential: How does your background in sculpture and painting affect your work?

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